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Although we have hired hundreds of subcontractors over the past ten years, we have only stayed in contact with a select few. consists of a group of companies that work together to accomplish quality results on renovation projects in Ottawa. We encourage high quality contractors to join us to help make Ottawa a city that encourages small business growth when that business is known for their quality services.

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Owner of Homeupgraders in front of Custom Cabinet
I'm Ryan Trebell


Fast Ball Top Speed.........88 Mile/Hr

Average Speed Drywall......8pc / Hr

Top Speed Framing........... 20ft / Hr

Painting Average.................600 ft / Hr

I'm Ryan Trebell. I have four beautiful children that I love and cherish. I am originally from the Toronto area. I went to a division 1 school in Florida for baseball and was on the Dean's list for near perfect academics. I returned to Canada and decided to go to school at Carleton. I majored in Math for three years and then switched to Psychology. I started my construction business while at Carleton University.


I have worked for various contractors and found that many contractors based their price on the material possessions of the person looking for a quote. One contractor told me that "You wait to give your price to see what the customer can afford." I immediately knew that I would not run my business based on the same principles. 


I have always believed that every job is worth a certain price. Being able to charge double the "normal" rate does not make sense to me. There are obviously differences of existing conditions that occur from project to project. These are variables that can be accounted for if the contractor knows what they are doing. I have developed a system for contractors, home owners and businesses to be on the same page with a common cost before they start working together.

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